Toddler Cowl

A while ago I made a cowl for me, and then 2 scarfs to fit hats I made.  My youngest son wanted a scarf as well.  To go to school, I thought a cowl would be better / easier.

My boy doesn’t know yet if it’s ok enough, because he wanted a real scarf, but because I’ve got a cowl, he said it’s ok. 🙂



Swap Workshop

Do you love to swap?
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If you refer to me (Kreatita), you’ll get 50 credits (for being a new member), and I’ll get a little too.

How does it work?
You swap your items by using our unique credit system. You accumulate credits by other members choosing your items and by participating in our community events. You can then use your credits to swap for any item you wish and you can also buy credits, if needed.

Baby Cocoon

I simply love crochet… I can do it in the evening in front of the tv, and my husband is happy the computer is turned off (it’s a little, or a lot, noisy).

On photography blogs and on etsy I saw lovely baby cocoons – photo props.
I decided to make one myself, when I will use it… never… I know, but I think they’re sooo cute.

The doll in the picture isn’t as sweet as all those little babies, but I don’t have one of my one, they’re too big for this (my youngest is almost 4).