Amineko 2




My first amineko

Toddler Cowl

A while ago I made a cowl for me, and then 2 scarfs to fit hats I made.  My youngest son wanted a scarf as well.  To go to school, I thought a cowl would be better / easier.

My boy doesn’t know yet if it’s ok enough, because he wanted a real scarf, but because I’ve got a cowl, he said it’s ok. 🙂


Best wishes – Mandarine light

First of all a Happy New year to all of you 🙂

For the people who didn’t discover Pinterest yet…

I tried the mandarin light, and it worked wonderfull

Howto :

* cut the peel of a mandarin in half, plop out the mandarine, don’t remove the white part inside the mandarine, on the side that the mandarine has it’s leaves ; that will be where you light the “candle”

* fill the part with the wick with oil ( olive oil), just don’t drown the wick ; let rest for a couple of minutes

* cut in the other half a circle, or star, or heart form, to let the air through

* now be very carefull and light the wick with a match, until there’s a flame

* add the top…


Swap Workshop

Do you love to swap?
Want to find a place where different swappers can meet and where you can place the things you want to swap?
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If you refer to me (Kreatita), you’ll get 50 credits (for being a new member), and I’ll get a little too.

How does it work?
You swap your items by using our unique credit system. You accumulate credits by other members choosing your items and by participating in our community events. You can then use your credits to swap for any item you wish and you can also buy credits, if needed.